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Kelvinator Washing Machine Service Center Number

Kelvinator Washing Machine Service Center Number

Kelvinator has become a brand associated with unmatched home appliances and is known for making its coolest of ideas. For over 100 years now, the brand Kelvinator has been synonymous with excellence, quality, unmatched reliability and trust. Serving the Indian market for so many years now, we believe in maintaining and strengthening our legacy by delivering world class technology that translates into products that have become an integral part of our customers’ lives. Over a period of time, Kelvinator has launched an array of Washing Machines to choose from. Today, Kelvinator is a major supplier of both semi automatic and fully automatic washing machines across the country.

Once you call our customer helpline number, we try our best to reach your doorstep at the earliest. However, if in case your washing machine has some issue that can only be repaired in our workshop, we will take it over and be rest assured, our best technical staff will be repairing your product.

Kelvinator washing machines stand out from the crowd due to their impressive features:

  • Magic Filter: Washing Machine pipes can easily become blocked due to a build up of dirt. In such a case water cannot be drained from the machine properly leaving your clothes soaked in dirty water. Kelvinator’s ‘Magic Filter’ tackles this problem and makes laundry much easier.
  • Quadra Pulsator: manipulates clothing in such a way that it really gives every inch of the clothing a thorough clean, so you no longer need to worry about paint stains, pen stains, grass stains, or anything else.
  • Fuzzy Logic: is a type of ‘artificial intelligence’ that makes it easier to get the laundry done. The fuzzy logic control panel enables users to input the load type – delicate, cotton, synthetics, for example – and then allows the machine to take over, choosing the right type of wash cycle for that individual load. Using sensors, the machine will also calculate the size of the load, ensuring that just the right amount of water is used, helping you to save money and conserve water, becoming more environmentally friendly in the process.

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